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January 2012

High water bills?

High water bills?
There are several ways to find out if your water bills are higher than they need to be.
  • Check faucets for dripping water. Fix a leaky faucet promptly. Be sure to check under sinks for moisture or leaks.
  • Periodically check your toilets for leaks:
    • Place a few drops of food coloring in the tank - not the bowl. A couple of tablespoons of instant coffee or Kool-Aid will work too.
    • Check the toilet after about thirty minutes. If the water in the bowl has some of the color in it, the tank is leaking and the stopper and valve seat may need to be replaced.
  • Check for underground leaks or undetected leaks in the home:
    • Turn off the main water valve inside your home and then go outside and check your water meter. If it is still turning you may have an underground leak.
    • Alternatively, write down the numbers on your water meter at the beginning of a period when your home is going to be unoccupied for a few hours. Check the meter when you return; if the numbers have changed, they may be a leak somewhere inside the home.
                                  Call: 609-278-4005

J. Downs Plumbing Services

Experienced Contractors in Custom Plumbing WorkTrust your waterworks woes to the best by turning to J Downs Plumbing. Our plumbers are skilled in all areas of commercial and custom plumbing, allowing us to ensure your 100% satisfaction with each project. Call now to schedule your repair or new install.Custom Plumbing Services
Whether you need to repair an existing hot water heater or are building a new home, J Downs Plumbing is the contractor to call for your service. We tailor all plumbing services to your specific needs, guaranteeing the highest quality work on projects including:
• Full Plumbing Installation for
  New Constructions
• Sink, Tub, & Toilet Installs for
  Homes & Offices• Custom Fixture Installs (Special
   Design Showers & More)
• Backhoe Services for Laying
   Sewer Lines

             We Help Commercial Customers Too!
Is your office plumbing outdated or falling apart? Our commercial plumbing contractors can help. We make sure your building is running smoothly by offering services such as:• Handicap Fixtures Installs • Hot Water Boiler Repairs• Steam Boiler Installations 
Put your plumbing in the hands of experienced contractors by
calling: now at (609) 815-5144 in Browns Mills, New Jersey,
For your hot water heaters, pipe repairs, or new installations.
Additional Services
• Gas, Copper Repairs
• Iron & PVC Repairs
• Basement Pump Installs• Sump Pump Installs
• Sewer Repair Services
• Correct Violations• Chimney Liners & Caps
• Chimney & Heater